The Washington Times - October 3, 2009, 10:36AM

Townhall meetings held in August revealed how truly out of touch many in Washington DC really are.  Congressmen and Senators who hide in marble laden offices with doting staffers from fancy colleges trudged back to their own districts where men and women in t-shirts, jeans, and flip flops demanded answers on the looming health care legislation.  Is it no wonder a number of politicians had a negative reaction to town halls this summer?

Back in August, Georgia Democrat Congressman David Scott screamed at his town hall audience after a Dr. Brian Hill asked him a question about healthcare reform.


“I’m listening to my constituents, OK?” Scott said, “These are people who live in the 13th Congressional district, who vote in this district. That’s who I’ve got to respond to … So what you’ve got to understand, those of you who are here, who have taken and came and hijacked this event we dealing with here, this is not a health care event.”

“You chose to come and to do it on your own,” he yelled. “Not a single one of you had the decency to call my office and set up for a meeting.” He went on, in a threatening voice, “You want a meeting with me on health care, I’ll give it to you!”

Since when did congressmen like Mr. Scott forget he is not in Washington D.C. for his constituents to serve him?  In fact, getting a face to face meeting with one’s representative is no easy matter.  Moreover the trip itself to Washington, D.C. is no 

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