The Washington Times - October 30, 2009, 02:07PM

New Jersey Election Day is four days out and the best indication of who will be the next governor just may be the New York Yankees game one World Series loss.  The polls are sharply contrasting and the gubernatorial race between incumbent Jon Corzine, Republican Chris Christie and Independent Chris Daggett, can go any way.

New Jersey bloggers comment:



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In The Lobby: Have Christie ads blunted Daggett’s rise?

The Save Jersey Blog:

“The corrupt Democrat establishment continues to fail the Hispanic community.

“Chris Christie will be the advocate they need.”

The Save Jersey Blog: Video footage from Christie bus tour.

Capitol Quickies: The Republican Governors Association ad boosts Christie.

PolitickerNJ: Christie galvanizes GOP base in Toms River

“This was where Christie began his campaign last February, and with six days remaining in his bid to unseat Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine, he again expressed his desire that “Toms River and Ocean County will provide (running mate) Kim Guadagno and me the margin of victory we need to win this election.”

Dan Cirucci: Help Chris Christie

Today’s News NJ: How will the Dems spin this one? Christie surging 6 days out of Election Day.

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Capitol Quickies: Corzine wins elementary mock election by landslide.

The Save Jersey Blog: Corzine admits plans to revisit 800 percent toll hike.

Capitol Quickies: In closing ads, Corzine focuses on hispanic vote, Atlantic City, and touts endorsements.

“While he’s decided rather noticeably to skip any interviews or debates on the oft-critical airwaves of New Jersey 101.5 FM, Gov. Jon Corzine has being doing interviews on other talk-show outlets.”

Conservatives With Attitude: Blogger denied interview by Corzine and “thugs.”

Blue Jersey: Corzine ad says Christie didn’t pay taxes.

NJ Tax Revolution: Corzine and Obama Billboard - Keep what going?

Capitol Quickies: Corzine finally participates on Gannett’s property tax series.

PolitickerNJ: Corzine contributions to ministers hurt school vouchers, assembly candidates say.

Capitol Quickies: Corzine’s re-election tab 26 million, so far.

“His tab is being generally reported as $22.6 million, which is how much he’s dropped into his general election campaign fund. But that number skips past the $3.25 million he spent to win the primary against political unknowns Roger Bacon, Carl Bergmanson and Jeff Boss; that money was actually for Corzine’s re-election, not about winning in June.

“Moreover, when people talk about what Corzine spent from his own pockets winning his past elections — $60.2 million to win his U.S. Senate seat in 2000, $43.1 million to win the governor’s mansion in 2005 — those numbers include the spending on the primary.”

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Hoboken Now: Daggett still vying for support.


In the Lobby:

“’…don’t be in a hurry to mark this election as over,’ said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. ‘Christopher Daggett changed it from ‘ABC’ – Anybody But Corzine – to a real three-way scrap.   But a lot of Daggett’s voters say they might change their minds by Election Day.   Where will they go?’”

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The Save Jersey Blog: Jersey’s Election ‘09 Proves Folly of McCain-Feingold.

PolitickerNJ: In New Jersey, public officials vote, then go to jail.

Quote of the Day:

“Jon Corzine is the irresponsible son who spends too much money.  Chris Christie is the brother in law who talks too much.  And Chris Daggett is someone a cousin just started dating.

“Those were some of the more amusing responses Monmouth University Polling Institute Director Patrick Murray got when he asked a panel of undecided voters which of their relatives the three major gubernatorial candidates reminded them of.”