The Washington Times - October 7, 2009, 05:26PM

The Virginia gubernatorial race is in full control of Republican candidate Robert McDonnell.  Just one month before elections Mr. McDonnell holds an average 7.6 percent poll lead over Democratic opponent Creigh Deeds, and the White House appears to be backing away from full-fledged support of Mr. Deeds.

Bloggers in Virginia discuss:

Too Conservative:

“It’s worth noting exactly how far Deeds has deviated from the campaign model of Warner and Kaine he pledges to follow. Where they de-emphasized social issues, Deeds has made it the centerpiece of his campaign. Where they pledged no tax increases (and quickly betrayed the electorate once elected), Deeds has wedded himself to tax hikes. Where they were able to get business support, Deeds has received none and is instead embraced by unions. Where Warner was able to get votes in rural Virginia and Kaine was able to run up margins in Richmond and NoVa, Deeds seems unable to do either.”


Tertium Quids:

Deeds blames struggles on Washington D.C. and

“Dirty Deeds”  hurting gubernatorial run with negative campaigning.

On The Right: Deeds angers breast cancer survivors thanks to ads.

Virginia Right: Is Obama Approval Sinking Deeds?
Blue Virginia:

Deeds panders to conservatives, teeters with environmentalists, and

Motivated by offensive rhetoric by McDonnell supporter, DisAbility Votes PAC supports Deeds.

Blue Commonwealth: Flaws in Mr. McDonnell’s transportation plan.

Quote of the Day:

“So has the president become as much of a lodestone as Bill Clinton used to be? Perhaps to some degree.

“But it is interesting that the President is willing to expend (and lose) political capital on the Olympics rather than use any of it to support a fellow Democrat running for governor in the state right next door.”

-Tertium Quids