The Washington Times - September 17, 2009, 04:38PM

By Anthony Bowe

As BigGovernment prepares to release EVEN MORE videos of filmmaker James O’Keefe and columnist Hannah Giles busting ACORN offices coast-to-coast, local bloggers in states with suddenly famous ACORN offices follow side-stories and offer commentary:



The Baltimore city state’s attorney considers prosecuting O’Keefe and Giles on suspicions they violated Maryland’s wiretap laws.

Why doesn’t Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler remove the ACORN link from the office website?


Is California Gov. Schwarzenegger simply “piling-on”?

“It’s interesting in and of itself that the right has decided the source of all ills in America is a relatively small non-profit community organization and not the banking and financial interests who destroyed the economy and took hundreds of billions in bailout money for good measure (lots more on this here).  But never one to miss a pile-on, the Governor has requested an investigation of ACORN”

ACORN story going “nuclear” while Bob Morris offers:
“ACORN is not defensible. Liberals and progressives should not try to defend them and instead should join in on the investigation. Corruption needs to be stopped wherever it occurs.”

In San Deigo, Right Coast blogger reacts: “I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I don’t think this group should be getting any public money, certainly not $8 billion in stimulus money. Human trafficking is getting all the stimulation it needs.
Or maybe it just needs a little reform!”

New York

O’Keefe, “Borat of the Right”, posed as an “overly-sensitive Irishman” while still a student at Rutgers University in an attempt to ban Lucky Charms from the college’s cafeteria.

Rep. Gillibrand gives constintuents “another reason to be proud to be a NY’er.

“It’s almost as if New York is in some sort of pathetic race with California to see which state can look worse. OK, maybe for 2nd place behind NJ.”