The Washington Times - September 22, 2009, 02:48PM

New York Gov. David Paterson sealed an underdog’s victory Tuesday when New York State’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, voted 4-3 to uphold the governor’s authority to appoint a lieutenant governor. 

Take that, New York Constitution. 


“Since the state’s first Constitution was adopted in 1777, no New York governor had ever tried to fill a vacancy in the job of lieutenant governor,” reported the New York Times.

This comes after Paterson’s political clout was assaulted over the weekend as news broke that the White House is quietly urging him to duck out of a 2010 gubernatorial race. 

New York’s bloggers are having fun with this one:

Does court’s ruling award Paterson an exit strategy? 

Court’s ruling gives state democrats partisan padding.

Paterson losing in the Siena polls.

“Governor Paterson has a 29 percent favorable rating in the new poll. It is the first time since May that his numbers dropped below 30 percent and does not serve him well after the news came out that President Barack Obama doesn’t want Paterson to run next year. It is hard to make a case for Paterson running next year with numbers like that a year out from the primary,” according to The Albany Project.

Former President Clinton weighs in on Paterson’s future.

“Mind your business, Barack,” says New York City Councilman Charles Barron.

President Obama’s awkward meeting with Gov. Paterson. 

Can you please say that again, only slower?:

“Ravitch is buddies with Shelly Silver.  Silver is buddies with Lippman.  Spitzer/Paterson give Lippman a job.  Shelly helped Lippman get his job.  Shelly wants Ravitich to get a job.  Lippman is friends with Silver who helped him get his job.  Spitzer/Paterson gave Lippman his job.  Lippman helps Ravitch get his job.  Silver is happy.  Paterson is happy.  Ravitch is happy,” said Monroe Rising.

Quote of the day:

“Governor David Paterson just got some rather surprising good news in what has otherwise been a colossally bad week.”

- Reid Pillifant at PolitickerNY