The Washington Times - September 25, 2009, 12:40PM


Vice President Joe Biden may have to avoid a swearing in today if a Massachusetts judge sides with the state’s GOP.

At 3 p.m. today Mr. Biden is slated to swear in Paul G. Kirk Jr.  to the vacant U.S. senate seat left by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy.  The GOP’s argument is the subject of an Associated Press story published in the Washington Times website Friday. 

Massachusetts bloggers discuss the Kirk appointment:



“In early morning arguments before [Suffolk Superior Court Judge Thomas] Connolly, the GOP said [Boston Gov. Deval] Patrick had no basis to attach an emergency preamble to a law passed earlier this week. It amended the state’s Senate succession law so the governor could appoint an interim senator during a five-month special election campaign to fill the seat permanently. Kennedy died Aug. 25 of brain cancer.

“Legislative Republicans, as well as a host of Democrats, objected to the change, and after it was approved on Wednesday, they defeated a separate request to attach an emergency preamble to the bill.

“Patrick ended up doing so with a letter to the secretary of state on Thursday, moments before he named Kirk to succeed Kennedy.

“The appointment is critical to his fellow Democrats, who need Kirk’s vote to restore their 60-vote, filibuster-proof margin in the Senate. President Barack Obama and his staff lobbied for the change as they try to win approval this year for their top legislative priority, overhauling the nation’s health care system.”

Massachusetts bloggers discuss the Kirk appointment:

KKK and Harvard teaming up for Kirk conspiracy?

“Kerry, Kennedy, now Kirk… does this K-Senator trend bode well for Alan Khazei? Here’s another omen: Kirk’s appointment means that a Harvard college grad has held that Senate seat since 1947 Kirk, Ted K, Ben Smith (JFK roomie at Harvard), JFK, H.C. Lodge; last non-Crimson was David Walsh, Holy Cross ‘93 (1893 that is). Khazei is the only Harvard alum in the race (although Pagliuca went to HBS),” said The Boston Phoenix blog.

Gov. Patrick spokesman describes reasoning behind Kirk appointment in an email.

State Senate Minority Leader on Kirk: ‘Disappointing Choice’

2010 gubernatorial candidate Christy Mihos: Kirk embodies all that is wrong with politics. 

Dukakis has been snubbed.

Massachusetts Liberal:

“Mike Dukakis never stood a chance.

“A family with enough clout and good will to slip a $20 million earmark for the Ted Kennedy Institute into a defense bill is going to get its way more often than not.”

Blue Mass Group:

“But Mike Dukakis has been elected by the people of Massachusetts to serve as their Governor three times.  They also voted for him to be their President.  Whereas Paul Kirk is pretty much a black hole to most MA residents.”

The “only conservative in Western Massachusetts,” Viking Pundit blogger Erk Lindholm:

“Well, the Massachusetts legislature reversed their “Mitt Romney” rule and allowed unpopular governor Deval Patrick to name Kennedy aide Paul Kirk to serve in the U.S. Senate. He won’t run for re-election and his sole job will be to vote “aye” on the health care reform bill. I didn’t get to see Patrick’s statement to the press but it would have been nice if he had admitted the original legislation from Beacon Hill was wrong because it denied Massachusetts full representation in the Senate, regardless of political party.”

Blue Mass Group:

“Yeah, I felt the same way as a lot of folks when I heard Paul Kirk was the choice for Senate. a.) Who’s that? b.) Great, another lifelong hack. c.) What, do the Kennedys just get to name their pick? d.) And the Gov just lets himself get rolled? etc. etc.”

Red Mass Group:

“This appointment has been made 1 day after the new and retroactive appointment law was passed by the senate and not the 90 days as required by law.    Even if deemed an emergency, a separate 2/3 vote is required to take this action.  The Democrats are “changing the rules in the middle of the game” by ignoring the rules that already exists.”

Healthcare for All has this message for interim senator Kirk.

Who is Paul Kirk?

Quote of the Day:

“Due to the plague, famine and rioting in the streets Gov. Patrick as deemed this political measure “necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace.”

-DD4RP at Red Mass Group