The Washington Times - September 29, 2009, 02:55PM

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle are traveling to Denmark this week attempting to lobby the International Olympic Committee into supporting Chicago as host of the 2016 summer olympics. 

This is a hot-button issue in the Illinois blogs:

Lynn Sweet’s blog: Oprah and Michelle “global brands” may affect lobby efforts in Copenhagen.


“And these two world-famous women will try to translate their personal appeal into Olympic votes for Chicago as they buttonhole targeted members of the International Olympic Committee for one-on-one lobbying this week in Copenhagen in advance of the Oct. 2 vote to choose a host city for the 2016 Summer Games.”

Chicago 2016 Olympics group looking for federal cash.

Chicagoans for Rio, a Web site against the Chicago 2016 bid, operated by an American, contrary to rumors.

FoxNews in Chicago First Amendment violated after being asked to hold Olympic story?

“Gee, in a free country, a free press, protected by the greatest document in history, a “committee” of unelected mayoral appointees can approach, intimidate and force a media outlet to not run a story? Thank goodness Drudge can still run these things - until Obama takes over the Internet that is,” said Second City Cop.

The Sweeny Report: sneaking suspicion Rio wins olympic bid.

“I think that Mayor Daley sending in President Obama to make a last-ditch pitch in Copenhagen this week (they make the announcement Oct. 2) is potentially bad news for the City of Big Shoulders. I’m suspicious also because Daley has been making statements that even if Chicago doesn’t get the Olympics, the effort to compete for them was worthwhile.”

“Rio will win the 2016 Olympics because, quite simply, it’s South America’s turn. Finally.”

Jon Stewart is probably rooting for Chicago 2016.

The Capitol Fax Blog wants to know your thoughts on the Chicago 2016 bid.

Quote of the day:
“Bringing the Olympics to this town would be like sending a gift basket filled with bottles of Jim Beam to the Betty Ford Clinic: overconsumption followed by disaster.”
-Backyard Conservative