The Washington Times - April 23, 2010, 01:08PM

The Responsible Budget Coalition held a “Save Our State” rally in Springfield, Ill., Wednesday where 15,000 protesters, most of them state union workers, screamed for higher taxes to offset state budget cuts.

Americans have just sent in their income tax forms, and the last thing most of us are likely thinking is: “Gee, we just don’t pay enough taxes. Please give us another tax burden to break our backs.”  But Illinois union workers think differently. They are demanding the Illinois state legislature hike taxes, believing it will create more jobs.


According to Illinois radio station WQAD, Gov. Pat Quinn supports a 33 percent tax increase; however, House Democrats have backed away from a hike. Meanwhile, some Republicans are calling for spending reductions. 

What these workers are actually thinking, though, is “raise their taxes” as in everybody else’s taxes in Illinois. Heaven forbid these individuals should take a pay cut like so many others who work in the private sector in these tough economic times. WQAD spoke to individuals at the rally advocating further tax increases. Their responses certainly point to whose taxes they are referring to, and it is not their own. (video below)