The Washington Times - April 28, 2010, 10:54AM

Today’s Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are:Oklahoma legislators override anti-life veto of governor, Rubio criticizes controversial Arizona immigration law, Dating by blood type in Japan.

  • Catholic OnlineOklahoma legislators override anti-life veto of governor

On April 27, 2010, those men and women of conscience in the Oklahoma Senate did what every elected representative with a conscience should always do. They stood for Justice. They overrode the Unjust Veto of a Governor who failed to recognize the fundamental Human Right to Life.

  • CNNRubio criticizes controversial Arizona immigration law
Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio, an influential Hispanic voice in the Republican Party, warned Tuesday that Arizona’s tough new immigration law could have “unintended consequences,” but said the legislation is the product of a “law enforcement crisis” going on in the state.
BBC:  Dating by blood type in Japan
People in most parts of the world do not think about their blood group much, unless they have an operation or an accident and need a transfusion.