The Washington Times - April 9, 2010, 01:40PM

Former vice presidential candidate on the 2008 Republican ticket Sarah Palin addressed the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

12:44 PM CT - Crowd is excited to see Sarah Palin. Palin goes after Obama mantra “yes we can.”


12:45 PM - Palin takes jab at President Obama’s experience as a community organizer.

12:47 PM - Palin reiterates - “Don’t retreat…re-load.” It’s not a “call for violence” says, Palin. It’s a call to “engage” politically.

12:49 PM - “On the GOP: We’re getting back to our roots. What’s wrong with the being the party of ‘no’ when their proposals violate the Constitution.”

12:52 PM - “There is an inherent link between energy and security.” “The administration is locking up even more federal lands.” Palin attacks the issue of the amount of time it takes to get a permit to build a pipe line or transmission line.

12:53 PM “The government apparently thinks we are ‘overproducing’ energy here.”

1:00 PM - “Lets drill, baby, drill not stall, baby, stall.”

1:02 PM - “You can drill all you want off the coast of Virginia, but you won’t find bipartisan ship down there.”

1:04 PM - “We should be creating a competitive market for renewables (energy)” She calls climate gate “Gore - gate”

1:06 PM - “We invented the internet, unless that’s just another Gore - Gate too.”

1:07 PM - “We have seven months to say ‘Oh no you don’t!’ to their ‘Yes we can!’”

1:08 PM - “This is the party that believes freedom is a God - given right and it is worth fighting for.”


Sarah Palin kept the crowd pumped up, and while she made no mention of her own possible presidential aspirations, she did say the only way to solve the political ills ours country is facing is a “good old fashioned” election. Ms. Palin may not have explicitly put forth her intentions for 2012, but she’s not ruling anything out either. Stay tuned.