The Washington Times - April 9, 2010, 03:51PM

The infamous White House crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi hosted a party Thursday in D.C. without inviting Washington Post reporter Amy Argetsinger. This forced her to crash the crashers’ party.

The Salahis are under investigation by a grand jury for bluffing their way into the White House to attend President Obama’s first state dinner without an invitation. They also star in the upcoming Bravo TV reality show “Real Housewives of D.C.”


For a month, the Salahis had been inviting all their “friends” to the “Hollywood vs. Bollywood” party “to kick off the polo season.” Invitations were sent out via evite and Facebook. (I was invited via Facebook but declined the invitation.) 

Unlike the White House state dinner, where the Salahis ate and drink for free, their party came with a price tag of $25.00 plus a $2.37 service fee.

Argetsinger paid for her invitation online, but when she arrives, a security man told her that “this is a private party.” The man returned her money and then escorted her out a side entrance.

Meanwhile inside the party, Mrs. Salahi greeted her guests in a pale pink rhinestone mini dress, flanked by two enormous male security guards with earpieces. (Why the Salahis need security is unclear as no threats on their lives have been reported.)

Mrs. Salahi has perfected the “Salahi Signaure Photo Pose” — turn sideways, bend knee, tilt head, drape hand on man’s chest. She used her pose with all the men at the party from Christopher Brown (photo above) to her own security (photo below).

She originally showed off the “Salahi Signature Photo Pose” at the White House state dinner where she appears to be pawing Vice President Joe Biden (photo below).Security and Michaele Salahi

Also unlike the White House state dinners, the Salahis’ party did not include French wines and champagne.

“The Salahis’ watered-down white zinfandel was barely palatable,” guest Brendan Kownacki told me.

The Salahi’s tie to polo is their “charity” America’s Polo Cup, which is under investigation by the state of Virginia for its questionable use of funds.

Tareq Salahi has said that America’s Polo Cup was sanctioned by the “National Polo League”- an entity that does not exist.  Officials at the legitimate U.S. Polo Association said that they had never heard of America’s Polo Cup before the Salahis became infamous.

I assume the Salahis don’t want Argetsinger at their party because she and her colleague Roxanne Roberts broke the story of the Salahis crashing the state dinner. (They recognized the Salahis on the White House red carpet from their coverage of the “Real Housewives” casting.)

Also, the Salahis are likely not pleased with three-part series by Argetsinger and a team of eight reporters. The series was a classic, modern-day “Vanity Fair” that exposed the Salahis for having multitudes of debts, scams and social climbing.

Even before their reality show airs, the Salahis are already globally infamous for attending a White House state dinner to which they were not invited.

So, maybe the Salahis weren’t resentful of negative coverage, but had security kick a reporter out of their party is because they didn’t want to risk losing their title as the “Most Famous Party Crashers” in history.

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