The Washington Times - August 18, 2010, 02:41PM

If Barack Obama has maintained one policy unwaveringly since his campaign days, it must surely be his lack of support for the state of Israel. With former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton’s announcement this week that the Jewish state has just days to strike Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant before the facility goes live - and his statement to Israel Radio that the president was unlikely to authorize the United States to hit the plant - it is apparent Israel is temporarily without its biggest ally, and when having it around counts most. (h/t JPost)

It seems unlikely Israel will take action against Bushehr, particularly now, given its real worry - Iran’s uranium enrichment program - but the quiet from the current administration as Russia announces its imminent shipment of uranium fuel for the reactor has been deafening. Instead of addressing the Iranian elephant in the room, Mr. Obama is this week out holding cozy backyard talks in the midwest to tout his supposedly effective economic policies. 

Unfortunately, such priorities are symptomatic of the larger ailment that is the Obama presidency. If Israel does attack Iran, the current White House will not help the tiny democracy in its quest to rid a nihilistic, jihadist state of nuclear capability because, simply put, it doesn’t seem to believe Islamism is a real threat - to the United States or any other country.
What else would explain Mr. Obama’s support of a dubiously funded plan to build a massive Islamic center just blocks from ground zero? What else would account for his dining at a Ramadan dinner last week in the company of heads of organizations with terror ties (h/t Big Peace), his regular urging of Israeli leadership to ‘sit down’ and negotiate with the terrorism-sponsoring Palestinian Authority, or his periodic lauding of Islam for its supposed commitment to justice and peace - without once mentioning terrorism, an overwhelmingly Muslim phenomenon?