The Washington Times - August 23, 2010, 09:23AM

Today’s Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: Justice Department seeks ebonics experts, NY synagogues bomb plot trial to begin, America’s first Muslim college opens this fall. 



The Department of Justice is seeking to hire linguists fluent in Ebonics to help monitor, translate, and transcribe the secretly recorded conversations of subjects of narcotics investigations, according to federal records.
Four Muslim men charged with trying to blow up New York synagogues and shoot down military planes will be reunited at their trial with someone who was in on the plot every step of the way: a wire-wearing FBI informant named Shaheed Hussain.  
A new college started classes this summer in Berkeley, California. Zaytuna College’s motto is, “Where Islam meets America.” It’s the first Muslim college in the United States.


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