The Washington Times - August 26, 2010, 02:52PM

Here’s more fodder to kill Big Bird: The Sesame Street website now features a video clip that refers to Palestinian territories as an autonomous country (h/t Israel National News). In “A Gift From Grandma,” a little girl helps her grandmother embroider a dress, and the clip’s narrator introduces the child’s homeland as “Palestine.” Either next week’s Middle East peace talks started early to resounding success or the Corporation for Public Broadcasting has a (wildly misguided) political agenda.

That Israel should under no circumstances take any actions at next week’s Washington peace talks that could make this Sesame Street dream a reality is well-supported by today’s “clashes” between Israeli law enforcement and Palestinian residents. The purported incentive for residents of the mostly-Arab Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem to throw rocks at Israelis and light Jews’ cars on fire? Get ready, it’s a tolerant one. Apparently, (h/t Canadian Press) several Jews had earlier had the gall to walk on a path that leads to both a ritual spring - which religious Jews in the area use for ritual cleansing - and a mosque.
The response of the Palestinian man who saw these supposed trespassers, even if a judge had not ruled in 2000 that the path is the property of a local Jewish family, should never have been to hurl rocks at them. Of course, that’s exactly what his response was. Arabs walk freely in Jewish-governed areas like Tel Aviv, Haifa and Beersheba, and no one tries to injure or kill them simply because they are there.
At the heart of this matter lies bigotry on the part of Palestinian Arabs against Jews. No other country in its right mind would even consider doing what Israel has long been urged to do: Cede tactically won land for purposes of statehood to an entity whose people cannot even stand to have non-Arab Israeli citizens in their midst.
The Palestinian Authority has always sung the same tune to Israel: ‘You’d better recognize and embrace us, but don’t dare expect us to do the same for you.’ It’s time Israel and the United States listened.