The Washington Times - December 10, 2010, 03:56PM

New York’s NBC affiliate is reporting that a four month pregnant teacher at Exploration Academy in the Bronx suffered a miscarriage as a result of attempting to break up a fight between two students in her classroom:

Lissedia Batista, 27, was elbowed in the stomach, pushed, and fell to the floor as she tried to get in the middle of a fight between two students. The fight happened in a Spanish class in Exploration Academy.

Batista was four months pregnant and was taken by ambulance to North Centeral Bronx Hospital, where she miscarried her baby.


Both students were suspended and it begs to question if the United Federation of Teachers will consider Ms. Batista’s miscarriage a murder or if the students should be charged with manslaughter, since the Exploration Academy teacher likely lost her baby has a result of being assaulted. The UFT’s spokesman Dick Riley told me through an e-mail this afternoon that the UFT would “have no comment until the investigation is complete.”

More to come…