The Washington Times - February 19, 2010, 02:25AM

Liz Cheney wowed the Conservative Political Action Conference crowd on Thursday when she introduced her father as a surprise guest to CPAC attendees. According to American Conservative Union’s (ACU), the organization that hosts the 3-day event, David Keene, very few people knew that the former Vice President would speak on Thursday.


“We set a new record because few people knew about this [Mr. Cheney’s appearance at CPAC], other than Dick, Liz, and Millie Hallow. We set it up a month ago, and it never got out. So, that’s a pretty good record for Washington.”

However, Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown’s appearance was a surprise to even Mr. Keene himself.

“Scott Brown was a surprise to all of us, because we hadn’t been able to get him. First of all he wasn’t doing anything, as he said this was the first speech he made….the first appearance he made [since he came to Washington]. I was told last night at an event that Romney was at that [Senator Brown] said [to Mr. Romney}, ‘Why are you here in Washington?’ and Romney said, ‘Well, I’m here to go to CPAC.’” 

The next thing Scott Brown knew, along with CPAC staffers and attendees, he was introducing fellow Massachusetts GOP’er Mitt Romney on Thursday afternoon to a cheering crowd of shocked conservatives all around.

As for upcoming surprises at CPAC, Mr. Keene  is obviously remaining mum, but the annual event is well known for pulling off some last minute amazing headliners in the past, so anything can happen.