The Washington Times - February 5, 2010, 10:59PM

Danny Tarkanian, a Republican candidate vying for Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s Nevada seat, is reminding voters in an online ad that Ronald Reagan’s last campaign pitch ever was in November of 1986. The iconic Republican President visited Las Vegas to warn Nevadans about Mr. Reid’s liberal agenda.

Mr. Tarkanian is currently in a primary with three other Republican candidates. The video is a moving tribute to Mr. Reagan and is sure to fire up Nevadans, when they see the Gipper going after Senator Reid. With almost 12,000 hits and counting since January 25, the video appears to be gaining online popularity. A number of Reagan quotes about Mr. Reid are highlighted on a Tarkanian campaign site called


“Harry Reid is a tax and spend liberal who is against a balance budget amendment.”

“Harry Reid voted against me and the things I was proposing more often than Ted Kennedy—and that’s saying something.”

“My name will never appear on a ballot again, but if you’d like to vote for me one more time, you can do so by voting for [Harry Reid’s 1986 opponent] Jim Santini.”

Mr. Reid has a tough re-election road ahead of him, no thanks to his lead role in pushing through unpopular health care legislation and making a racial gaffe about President Obama, recently revealed in the new book Game Change, during campaign 2008. All four GOP candidates, according to  Rasmussen, are currently polling ahead of the Democrat incumbent.