The Washington Times - January 17, 2010, 08:13PM

An LGBT blog known as “” is telling its Massachusetts readership to stay home on January 19 and not vote at all. Paula Brooks writes a scathing piece criticizing President Obama for not delivering LGBT legislation, like repealing DOMA, that he promised on the campaign trail.:

“During last years Presidential campaign LGBT’s in large number indeed put on their walking shoes for Mr. Obama… because he promised us change… and most importantly he promised us HOPE. We had Hope, because, when Candidate Obama was courting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender voters, he said that he would support repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and enact legislation that would ensure that the 1,100+ federal legal rights and benefits currently provided on the basis of marital status are extended to same-sex couples in civil unions and other legally-recognized unions.”


After Ms. Brooks explains the case of Mary Ritchie, “…a Massachusetts State Police trooper and lesbian, who has been legally married to her partner in that state for five years… is having to sue President Obama to get access to federal benefits,” she tells her Massachusetts readers to not bother voting on January 19.:

“Now I don’t live in Massachusetts, but if I did, I would be telling President Obama I would gladly put on my walking shoes again… if he would only show me the money as it were, and do something about getting Mary Ritchie’s $15,000 back to her a little more expedient fashion… like withdrawing his Justice Department defense to Mary’s case… and to stop betraying my hopes for equality at every opportunity he gets.

However until he does… I would be telling every LGBT I know… come Tuesday… they should send Mr. Obama a loud and clear message about his di****g around with our civil rights and STAY HOME IN MASS on Election Day.”
Turnout is key for the Senate race in Massachusetts on Tuesday. Ms. Coakley has big problems if she fails to inspire the Democrats’ liberal base in the state.