The Washington Times - January 18, 2010, 07:28AM

Today’s Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: Prez’s outsider act is bombing in Kennedy country, Martha says you’re not smart enough to understand health care, and Will Scott Brown Ride a Tea Party Tide?

  • NY Post: Prez’s outsider act is bombing in Kennedy country

They just don’t get that inside is out here. President Obama’s emergency rescue mission to save Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley could prove to be the final nail in her already-closing political coffin as this race — Coakley’s ongoing circus of gaffes aside — is shaping up to be a bitter fight between the blessed insiders and scorned outsiders. 

  • 96.9 FM Boston:Martha says you’re not smart enough to understand health care
This is a fascinating interview of Martha Coakley this morning on a local TV station, focusing mostly on health care.  Note how Martha Coakley dismisses the concerns that voters have about health care by claiming the voters are too “unfocused,” don’t really understand this issues involved, etc.
Human Events: Will Scott Brown ride a tea party tide?
That from a crusty conservative from South Easton, Massachusetts in the last  days of the nationally-watched special election for the seat of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D.-Mass.).  My friend was upbeat, but he would not predict outright a win by moderate-conservative State Sen. Brown.