The Washington Times - January 24, 2010, 11:14PM

President Barack Obama visited a sixth grade classroom in Falls Church, Virginia. What is particularly odd is Mr. Obama brought two teleprompters into the classroom along with the podium with the Presidential seal (video below) The White House describes the event of 30 sixth graders who were Mr. Obama’s audience. Compare this video to the photo of former President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush visiting a grade schol classroom in 2006. While Mr. Obama was addressing media in this video, the use of the teleprompters in a grade school classroom shows the president cannot seem to leave the White House without his trusty glass and monitor friends beside him. :

This morning the President and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan paid a visit to Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia where they had a chat with about 30 6th grade students. The conversation put a face to the people they were trying to help with the President’s latest investment of more than a billion dollars in next year’s budget to amp up the President’s “Race to the Top” program – a competition to incentivize success that has already generated an overwhelming response from states, with over 30 states expected to compete for first-round funding.


President Bush visits a grade school classroom in 2006. (below)