The Washington Times - January 27, 2010, 09:11PM



President Barack Obama comes to Capitol Hill this evening to give his first State of the Union Address. The Water Cooler’s Kerry Picket is live blogging from inside the Capitol.

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The Real State of the Union: Fear.

On the Eve of the SOTU: Obama the Speechmaker vs. Jobs the CEO

10:20 PM: Obama leaves the House Chamber.

10:16 PM: Obama - “I never said change would be easy.” (redistribution of wealth is always a hard job)

10:14 PM: Obama calls for strengthening our borders but wants immigration reform (“but it’s not a must do”) this year.

10:14 PM: Obama calls for stronger equal pay laws.

10:12 PM: Obama calls for repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell”

10:11 PM: @AndrewMoylan of NTU points out a problem with support for the spending freeze.

10:09 PM: Obama made an odd comparison to Reagan.

10:06 PM: Obama promises to end the wars. Did he just forget he’s president and not on campaign 2008?

10:04 PM: How about not mirandizing terrorists. It will make your job easier, Mr. President.

10:00 PM: Marc Ambinder has pointed out that Justice Alito shook his head after Obama delivered his line on the courts decision regarding campaign financing. 

9:59 PM: This speech is far cry from his: “We are change we have been waiting for.”

9:56 PM: Obama - “We face a deficit of trust.” (How about actually being transparent?)

9:55 PM: Not surprised that Reverend Al just tweeted “Yes” to the job bill

9:52 PM: Obama - Medicaid, Medicare and defense will not be affected by freeze. (great, let’s further bankrupt Medicaid) 

9:51 PM: Obama  usual Talking Point : I inherited this mess  #SOTU 

9:46 PM: Is Obama now offended by the “horse trading” that went on with HCR? He sure didn’t seem like it after the Senate passed their bill.

9:43 PM: Obama pushes Health Care Reform. Applause is not as raucous over this.

9:42 PM: Obama puts government work over private sector work for paying off school loans. 

9:41 PM: Obama: Instead rewarding failure, we only reward success (does that include legislation from the hill?) 

9:35 PM: Obama pushes climate change bill. Bw, he wants to focus NASA on climate change instead of moon landings now.

9:33 PM: Obama goes after the lobbyists who are holding up his agenda. Are these the same lobbyists hanging in the White House now?

9:31 PM: Obama injects how green jobs will save America. He fails to mention Spain among the nations who have tried this.

9:30 PM: OBAMA on critics - How long should America put its future on hold? 

9:28 PM : On members wearing purple tonight: Karen Tumulty of TIME Magazine has just told me that she “heard Pelosi telling someone today that it is the color of the suffragette movement.”

9:25 PM; Obama calls for a new Jobs bill. This bill should likely go along with the slogan: We’re  going to “job” the economy now.

9:22 PM: How is nationalizing student loan system going to help more kids go to college? Oh yeah, the catch is you have to go into public service in order to get the real benefit.

9:20 PM: Obama:”We cut taxes.” Is he serious? 

9:18 PM: President Obama goes into talking point about how things would have been worse economically if he didn’t do anything. That line is getting real old.

9:15 PM: Obama wants us to work through our differences. How about opening those closed door meetings to CSPAN first?

9:11 PM: “The future was anything but certain” - Obama compares the current circumstances to other difficult eras. I’m having trouble buying this. 

9:09 PM: That is one weird handshake between Obama and Pelosi…I’m wondering about any friction here.

9:07 PM: No doubt purple is the color of the evening here at the SOTU.

9:05 PM: President Obama is in the House Chamber.

9:00 PM: SOTU speech

8:58 PM: Why is Geithner getting all that applause? Didn’t they just grill this guy earlier?

8:57 PM: First Lady arrives

8:55 PM: SCOTUS has arrived

8:53 PM: Speaker Pelosi has pounded the gavel.

8:52 PM: I’m noticing a number of Dem women seem to be sporting the color purple tonight - Gotta catch that camera now!

8:43 PM: Mike Pence on Obama wanting to repealing “don’t ask don’t tell.”:Well I think millions of Americans and House Republicans would be profoundly disappointed if the president sought to repeal the effective policy of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’.

8:34 PM:Senators leave Senate floor and walked towards the  House Chamber.

6:40 PM: Rep. McMorris-Rodgers (R - WA) - [on Obama’s call to repeal “Don’t ask Don’t tell” at his upcoming SOTU] He should listen to the military leaders before we start repealing laws.

6:34 PM:Rep. McCotter (R - MI) : The government shouldn’t be getting bigger while the world is getting smaller.

6:04 PM CNN Poll: Majority want new direction from Obama speech

Most Americans want President Barack Obama to use Wednesday night’s State of the Union address to move his administration in a new direction, according to a new poll.