The Washington Times - July 31, 2010, 12:42AM

Congressman Charles Rangel, New York Democrat, would only say “no comment” to reporters on Friday after the House Ethics Committee recommended he receive only a reprimand for the 13 charges against him. A reprimand is less severe than a censure. A reprimand would have to be voted on by all House members.

According to reports, ethics committee member Congressman Gene Green, Texas Democrat, said that the bipartisan panel on the ethics subcommittee investigating Mr. Rangel were not unanimous in bringing all 13 counts against the New York Congressman.


Ethics committee members on both sides of the aisle made it clear Rep. Rangel had a number of chances to reach a settlement. “But that didn’t happen,” Mr. Green told Capitol Hill reporters. Additionally, Mr. Green reportedly said that any further settlement talks would have to take place before the bipartisan ajudicatory subcommittee.

In the meantime, other than keeping quiet on everything else, Mr. Rangel informed reporters that he would go back to his district this weekend to visit with constituents. He still must deal with a primary that is getting more buzz than ever before.

New York Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell, who is challenging Charles Rangel in New York’s September Congressional Democratic primary, released a statement on Thursday calling on Mr. Rangel to resign before the September 14 primary date:

“Upper Manhattan has too many problems at the moment to have a representative who is distracted by so many corruption charges.  This is no longer about Charles Rangel but about the people of our district.  We need a representative with clean hands who will focus on the work, and who will be around to complete the entire two-year term.  Rangel is not that person.”

On July 7th, 21 days after he had been notified that the Ethics Committee had found charges against him, Cong. Rangel lied on Good Day New York and said “only the press has made these allegations”.

Rangel needs to resign before the Sept 14th Democratic Primary Election to allow voters in the 15th CD to vote for someone who will complete the two-year term.  Those who benefitted from his wrongdoings should return the money.  CCNY should give back the $800,000 it received from the businessman who received the $500 million tax break.  That half-billion tax break should be repealed since it was illegally given.  Rangel must pay back Lenox Terrace the difference between market rent on the four apartments and what he actually has paid up to date.

Mr. Rangel initially secured his Congressional seat after successfully challenging Mr. Clayton Powell’s father in 1970.