The Washington Times - July 7, 2010, 11:39AM

With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu telling President Obama Tuesday that Israel was ready to “take additional steps” toward peace talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas - and following months of urging by Mr. Obama that the Jewish state come to the table with the organization -  we thought it appropriate and timely to remind readers of the general character of the PA (demonstrated by acts that took place in the past week alone).

On Monday Israel’s “partner for peace” sentenced a woman to 20 years in prison with hard labor for giving information to Israel. Under PA law, 22-year-old Taghrid Abu-Taybeh has no right to appeal her conviction. Ms. Abu-Taybeh said her ex-husband forced her into prostitution, and since no one else would help her she turned to ‘treason’ for financial reasons.


Last week PA forces arrested a Hamas member, 33-year-old Haitham Abdallah Amru, who mysteriously died the same day while in the custody of the PA’s General Intelligence Service. The PA claim about the death: Mr. Amru jumped from a second-story window in an attempt at escape, and landed in such a way as to cause a fatal lung hemhorrage. The PA seems to be sticking to this absurd, medically improbable explanation despite the eye-witness-confirmed, torture-consistent bruising seen on the body.

What kind of peace, exactly, does Mr. Obama expect Israel to make with this group?