The Washington Times - June 10, 2010, 12:50PM

According to the Tolbert Report, Sen. Blanche Lincoln had barely been declared the winner of the Democratic primary race (over opponent Bill Halter) before she began to distance herself from President Obama.

The Arkansas Blog predicts that new commercials for Obamacare will be important for Democratic politicians as November approaches. 


At Blue Arkansas, ARDem posits that Lincoln may be “electoral poison.”

Lincoln-supporter Lynch at Large critiques’s analysis of the race and calls Halter an “outsider.”

Lance Turner provides a round-up of various election coverage. 

According to Blake’s Think Tank, Republicans seem to have feared Halter more than they do Lincoln.

Blue Hog Report posted Halter’s concession speech. concludes that a legal challenge to the reduction of polling places in Garland County would most likely be unsuccessful. 

Ben Smith reports:

“The major labor federation AFL-CIO took sharp objection tonight to a White House official’s assessment that they’d “flushed $10 million of their members’ money down the toilet” in the “pointless exercise” of supporting the failed bid of Bill Halter to unseat Sen. Blanche Lincoln.” 

Finally, check out the Arkansas Campaign Twit.