The Washington Times - June 10, 2010, 08:26AM

Arkansas -SENATE

Senator Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas Democrat, managed to pull through her primary against Arkansas Lt. Governor. Bill Halter, but the cost may end up being more than the present payoff. Ms. Lincoln opposes card check and a public option for any health reform, which is why it was no surprise Mr. Halter received $10 million dollars in support from the unions. With $10 million dollars less in their treasure chest, the unions only have Senator Lincoln to get behind in Arkansas now. However, Arkansas is still a conservative stronghold, and Ms. Lincoln’s GOP challenger Rep. John Boozman, Republican, is likely to look more attractive to voters angered at Senator Lincoln who voted for the Democratic health care plan.



California - SENATE

California Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina had a solid finish last night and showed that a pro-life conservative can pull it out in a GOP California primary. Senator Barbara Boxer, California Democrat, has enjoyed support from women for a number of election cycles, but Ms. Fiorina enters the general election with a fired up base of support of her own. As long as the former Hewlett-Packard executive, Ms. Fiorina, does not make another early gaffe like she did on Wednesday, when she was caught on an open microphone disparaging Fox News Host Sean Hannity, she has an opportunity to build from a frustrated California voter base looking for new and better leadership.


California - GOVERNOR

California’s other big winner this week is Meg Whitman. The former Ebay executive overwhelmed Republican Steve Poizner in Tuesday night’s gubernatorial GOP primary and now faces Democrat Jerry Brown. Ms. Whitman, however, may have to jump a few hurdles, particularly in the area of immigration. Ms. Whitman has already come out against Arizona’s SB107, a newly passed immigration law in the state. An L.A. Times/USC poll showed that 50% of California voters support Arizona’s law and 43% oppose it, so any further bashing of Arizona from the Whitman camp is likely not in her best interest now.


South Carolina -GOVERNOR

Republican State Representative Nikki Haley pulled through her gubernatorial primary amid unfounded attacks about marital infidelity. However, she still must face Republican Congressman Greshman Barrett in a June 22 runoff.  Being 27 points behind Ms. Haley, Mr. Barrett has already launched a new ad attacking the Sate Representative in areas of economic policy and wading clear of any mention of the personal.


Nevada – U.S. SENATE

Democrats may think Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will have an easier race against former assemblywoman Sharron Angle, Republican, than he would have against Republicans Sue Lowden or Danny Tarkanian, but it is important to remember Ms. Angle’s support surged towards the end of the Republican Senatorial primary. This last minute support could very well mean Tea Party activists are determined to push Ms. Angle over the finish line against Mr. Reid come November. Nevertheless, the upcoming battle in Nevada will be a torrid one, and Senator Reid will be sure to bring out all of his union muscle to make sure of that.