The Washington Times - June 14, 2010, 12:43PM


So much for the tired canard that checkpoints between Israel and the “territories” promote terrorism. The attacks on an Israeli police officer and a handicapped civilian in Israel Monday morning and Sunday night are believed to have been committed by terrorists who came through recently dismantled security checkpoints - that’s right, those nasty, time-consuming life-savers the Obama administration all but forced Israel to begin dismantling last year in the name of promoting peace.

Early Monday near the West Bank city of Otniel not far from Hebron, Palestinian gunmen shot at a police vehicle, fatally wounding officer Yehoshua “Shuki” Sofer of Be’er Sheva, 39, and injuring two other officers, one critically. The Dahariya checkpoint, less than two miles from where the shooting took place, was opened to Palestinian travelers less than a month ago. The gunmen are believed to have traveled through that now-open crossing.
In a statement, the leadership of Otniel said: “Just a few years ago on this very route there were several attacks, but once the Dahariya route was blocked, we saw a drastic drop in such attacks. Once again, we see that ‘goodwill gestures’ to the Palestinian Authority cost us in blood.” 

On Sunday night, a physically handicapped resident of West Bank town Alei Zahav was pulled from his car and beaten by a Palestinian Authority mob when he stopped by in response to a car that had mounted flashing police lights. The mob stole the man’s car and left him on the side of the road. He was found and later treated at a nearby hospital.

According to Israel National News: “Members of the Samaria Regional Council noted that in order to reach the site of the attack, the attackers had passed by what used to be an IDF checkpoint. The checkpoint was recently removed as a gesture to the PA.”