The Washington Times - June 19, 2010, 09:19AM

President Barack Obama’s visit to a Columbus, Ohio construction site on Friday actually forced the site to close for the day keeping workers off the job and unpaid. According to an NBC news affiliate in Columbus, a worker told them he would lose up to $200.00 in wages. 


White House Spokesman, Matt Lehrich, put out the following statement on the issue:

“While security concerns surrounding a Presidential visit necessarily cause some disruption, we’re heartened by our understanding that, even if delayed by a day, workers will have the opportunity to complete their scheduled work on these projects.”

How fitting for this president who is in office as unemployment continues to worsen. Does the White House realize that this was not just a delay, but workers will lose money as a result of the president’s need came to tout his inappropriately named American Recovery Reinvestment Act otherwise known as a bailout. Like the bailout, Mr. Obama’s visit to the Columbus job site simply cost the American worker money for something completely unnecessary.