The Washington Times - June 23, 2010, 01:17PM

Today’s Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: Do Fla. Dems have plans to win elections by running fake tea party candidates?, Flashback: Media promoted military criticism of President Bush, Not Mao Zedong or a Communist…but a Socialist.


Chief suspect: Fire-breathing liberal Alan Grayson, the Orlando Democrat whose health-care histrionics have led him into a tough reelection race. Roll Call notes that a woman running in his race as a Florida Tea Party candidate was previously working for Grayson as a pollster.

  • Newsbusters:  Flashback: Media Promoted Military Criticism of President Bush
No general should criticize his or her commander, and Gen. Stanley McChrystal is no exception. But the mainstream media is primarily concerned with the political fallout of McChrystal’s apparent insubordination as revealed by a piece in Rolling Stone. They are not concerned with whether his critiques are accurate, in stark contrast to other military officers’ critiques of war policy under the Bush administration.

The Free State FoundationNot Mao Zedong or a Communist…but a Socialist
In its June 10th edition, Communications Daily [subscription required] reported that FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, once again bemoaning the state of investigative journalism, said the FCC may conclude the only way for news to survive is to have more government support. Commissioner Copps said it is not productive for proposals for more government support for news and investigative journalism to be met with comments to the effect that “you’re Mao Zedong” or “you’re a Communist.”