The Washington Times - June 26, 2010, 10:29PM

Although Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein announced he shut down the much talked about “JournoList” e-mail listserv following the release of disparaging e-mails by David Weigel about well known conservatives and libertarians, one must wonder if others on the list have become a little paranoid about their own musings. What if the leaker is still at large and is waiting to do another hit job on another member of the now disbanded JournoList? blogger Alyssa Rosenberg writes: 

“If the leaker is a member of JournoList, they’re someone who either came to despise Weigel enough to break a promise of confidentiality they initially intended to keep, or they’re an impostor, a person who deceived one or many people about their intentions, perhaps for quite some time. That level of deception is not simply intriguing, it’s genuinely revealing of a person’s character and the evolution of their beliefs. And if the emails weren’t given to news outlets by a member of the list, and they were obtained either through a deliberate hack or exploitation of an error—a lost password, an email account left open on an unattended computer—the level of coordinated work that went into getting the emails was substantial and considerable. Learning the identity of a person or persons who would spend that time and attention searching for the emails and designing a coordinated campaign to release them would say a lot about who feels threatened by Weigel’s reporting.”


This may be where a lot of the anger over Weigel’s resignation could be coming from. A number of liberal bloggers and journalists calling for the head of the individual who leaked Weigel’s statements were likely on the JournoList to begin with. They are feeling vulnerable and do not want to be part of the next media cycle that spanks a journalist for their off-the-record remarks. Stay tuned.