The Washington Times - March 22, 2010, 03:28PM

Once embraced by pro-life organizations, Rep. Bart Stupak, Michigan Democrat, turned around and voted for the largest expansion of abortion funding ever.


Mr. Stupak, along with his other self-proclaimed ‘pro-life’ Democrats, is now knee-deep in damage control, as pro-life groups have made it clear that these Democrats only have betrayed the movement. Mr. Stupak explained his case to Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

Mr. Stupak was taken to task for agreeing to support the health care bill after President Obama promised to sign an executive order addressing Mr. Stupak’s concerns on abortion funding.

During the interview, Mr. Stupak finally admitted to Ms. Kelly (empahsis mine), “You’re right, Megyn, there is nothing that would stop this president from a month from now, a year from now, 10 years from now, of repealing this executive order.”

This is an interesting statement, because Mr. Stupak seemed so confident answering a similar question I asked yesterday.:

PICKET: Mr. Stupak, what kind of assurances can you give pro-life leaders that this particular executive order will not be rescinded after the fact?

STUPAK: Well, the president didn’t sign it to rip it up tomorrow. He plans on keeping it in enforcement. We even have dates in here when you talk about such as the act specifically prohibits the use of tax credits and cost-sharing reduction payments to pay for abortion services and health insurance exchange. That will be operational — we’re talking 2014. We have assurances from the president and from others that he will not rip this up tomorrow.

The president said when he addressed the American people there will be no federal dollars for abortion. The president has put his commitment in writing. He has also made further commitments on community health centers to clarify any ambiguity — easy for you to say — that may be in there and also the conscious clause that got left out, in a way, in the Senate language. This is a very extensive order. He does not plan on rescinding it.

Mr. Stupak already is considered an oddity among party members and is probably just tolerated. The House vote is over, and he no longer is considered a hero to pro-life conservatives, and the majority of Democrats made it clear a long time ago there is no room in their party for pro-lifers.

In a matter of a day, Mr. Stupak became a man without a base.