The Washington Times - March 27, 2010, 05:30PM

*Updated with link and credit 3/31/10

A graphic created by Americans for Prosperity does a great job showing how the Obama administration manages to create law without going through the usual legislative process.


President Obama just made 15 recess appointments, which means the candidates for the government positions skip the usual Senate confirmation process. One is Craig Becker, who was appointed to head up the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). A bipartisan majority in the Senate previously held up Mr. Becker’s confirmation.

Concern over Mr. Becker stems from his intent to alter labor law through the NLRB as opposed to the normal congressional channels. This would mean that the Employee Free Choice Act (aka “Card Check”), which deals with the relationship between an employer and his nonunion employees, could be instituted administratively, without congressional approval.

This particular example of the Obama administration’s working around the legislative process is not unusual. Check out the graphic below for other ways the administration has accomplished its goals when Congress could not do it.