The Washington Times - May 13, 2010, 07:45AM

The Los Angeles City Council became the largest city to date to boycott Arizona over the state’s newly passed immigration law known as SB 1070. The City Council voted 13 -1 to ban the city of Los Angeles from doing business with Arizona unless the legislation is repealed. The boycott means almost $8 million in contracts will be terminated.

“I definitely support the City Council taking a stand on this one way or the other, and I think its hurtful to a lot of people…this law,” said Senator Barbara Boxer, California Democrat. “A lot of my cities are doing it, and a lot of the basketball teams are protesting [it]. I support the right of free speech, freedom of movement…where you want to go.” Fellow California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein refused to comment on the boycott.


SB 1070 is specific in its language where it spells out that race and national origin cannot be used as criteria for law enforcement officers to ask for an individual’s legal status, but hysteria over legislation continues anyway. Polls still show a majority of Americans support Arizona’s immigration law.

Senator Robert Menendez, New Jersey Democrat who has already called on Major League Baseball to move the 2011 All-Star game out of Phoenix, predictably supported Los Angeles telling me, “Well I think that you are going to see many cities across the country who disagree with the fact that any one of their residents could be profiled if they were going to Arizona, so they’re not going to contribute monetarily to them,”