The Washington Times - May 13, 2010, 04:38AM



Lars Vilks, a Swedish cartoonist, who angered Muslims after sketching the Prophet Mohammed in 2007 with the body of a dog, was said to be assaulted on Tuesday at a lecture he was giving:

“He head-butted me and I fell into the wall and lost my glasses,” Mr Vilks was quoted by news agency TT as saying. He added he was unharmed.

A spokesman for Uppsala police said about 20 people tried to attack Mr Vilks after interrupting his lecture, adding that the police had to intervene to stop them. Two people were detained.

Mr Vilks was not immediately available to comment further. He says he has received death threats since his Prophet sketch.

In March an American who called herself Jihad Jane was charged with plotting to kill the Swede and using the Internet to enlist co-conspirators.

This assault comes on the heels of an American woman charged with planning to assassinate the Swede and the broadcasting of Comedy Central’s South Park’s caricature of Mohammed. In January, a Somali man was indicted for terrorism and attempted murder. The Somali man broke into the home of Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and threatened to kill him with an axe.