The Washington Times - May 17, 2010, 03:29PM

***Updated 2:00 AM EST 5/18/10

Along with their vote to boycott Arizona, the Los Angeles City Council also poured salt on to the wound by engaging in a smear campaign against the state. L.A. Councilman Paul Koretz went as far as to compare the new Arizona immigration law to “Nazi Germany.”  Even the Simon Wiesenthal Center, who does not support Arizona’s SB 1070, thought that insult was too much.


The irony, however, is the L.A. City Council was too quick to vote to boycott Arizona over the Arizona’s new immigration law. This law is based on seventy years of federal law and written similarly to California’s own Penal Code, but the Los Angeles City Council has yet to sever ties with corporations that are operating within the Iranian energy sector as well as those companies providing surveillance technology helping the Iranian regime to crack down on the protesters (for example, Siemens and Nokia).

California is already dealing with a similar but separate issue concerning Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner who already exposed as much as $12 billion of direct and indirect insurance company investments in Iran’s energy, nuclear, defense and banking sectors in the past. Unfortunately,the Los Angeles City Council, have not done their part to stand up to the Iranian regime. 

 In fact, it was Councilman Koretz himself who submitted a motion to scrutinize the city’s contracts to ensure that no business is being conducted with any companies doing business in Iran. The motion has sat dormant for almost one year.

While the L.A. City Council continues to sit on a one year old motion that would terminate ties to firms who do business within the Iranian regime, the council pats themselves on the back for reacting so quickly with their Arizona boycott after Arizona signed their SB 1070 immigration law. Surely, the Los Angeles City Council does not really think that Arizona is a bigger threat to the United States than Iran…or do they?