The Washington Times - May 21, 2010, 11:41AM

Seeing Red Arizona points to a Robert Robb column arguing that Democrats – in keeping with the opinions of the American public – are toeing a more Republican-style party line on immigration.

Seeing Red Arizona also points to an interview up at the Corner in which Will Cain interviews the Center for Immigration Studies’ Mark Krikorian: Will the Arizona law lead to racial profiling?


Sonoran Alliance critiques candidate for LD 12 Senate Eve Nunez’s stance on immigration.

Blog for Arizona posts a press release from the Arizona Democratic Party.

The Northern Muckraker asks, “If Arizona’s new illegal immigration enforcement law is such a bad idea, then why are lawmakers in nine other states now considering enacting the very same legislation?”

According to the Intellectual Conservative Arizona blog, “In response to John McCain’s flip-flopping video on border security, which reflects his new position of “build the dang fence,” JD Hayworth has launched a website called “The Complete Danged Truth” exposing McCain’s real record on building a fence on the border and illegal immigration.”

Espresso Pundit takes issue with an Arizona Republic article which says SB’s 1070 has negatively impacted Mormon missionary work.

Gila Courier points out a possible instance of media bias:

“Cypress Hill, a Southern California rap group announced that are canceling their show at the Rialto because of Arizona’s new anti illegal immigration law.

Is it a big deal?  News reports don’t bother giving you the full story.

The Star didn’t bother informing its readers how many tickets had sold to date. The Phoenix New Times didn’t do much better, stating only that the Rialto was “expecting” to sell 1.000 tickets.  Either they didn’t bother specifically asking the question, or they did and didn’t bother to tell us the answer.  If Cypress Hill had sold 24 tickets, a cancellation would be a different matter than if they had been near a sell-out.  One website lists Rialto capacity at 1,800.”

The Make Democracy Work blog calls for realistic immigration reform.

AZNetroots describes the Phoenix Suns’ stand against the law.