The Washington Times - May 24, 2010, 10:25AM

*Updated June 2, 2010

Florida’s Baywatch 9 News is reporting that a majority of Floridians would support an immigration law like Arizona. According to the poll Republicans heavily favored the law, and independents support the law in numbers behind Republicans:

Seventy-five percent of Republican respondents were in favor of the immigration law. Among Democrats, 42 percent favored the immigration law. Sixty-five percent of independents were in favor.

Clark said similar polls that were done in other states by Ipsos Public Affair showed similar results.

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This poll is unsurprising considering in 2009 Zogby found that:

  • 71.3% of Florida voters say illegal immigration has a negative impact on the state. Only 14.4% believe it has a positive impact on Florida.
  • 83.5% of Florida voters believe illegal aliens have a negative impact on the state budget, versus only 7.9% who believe their impact is positive.
  • 57.5% believe illegal immigration should be reduced through better enforcement of immigration laws. Only 36% of Florida voters favor amnesty or legalization for current illegal aliens.
  • 68.6% of Florida voters want worksite immigration enforcement to continue. Only 21.1% support the Obama administration’s decision to curtail worksite enforcement.


Consider such numbers with  high unemployment and lingering memories of the effects from the 1980 Mariel Boatlift , and one can see why a number of Florida residents can sympathize with Arizona’s plight.