The Washington Times - May 24, 2010, 01:37PM

On Thursday, Sen. Scott Brown, Massachusetts Republican, voted to defeat a filibuster (by Republicans and two Democrats) on a regulatory reform bill.  This is the third time Brown has voted to defeat a Republican filibuster. 

New England Republican wonders “why didn’t I just vote for “Marsha” (thanks for that gaffe Patches Kennedy) Coakley?”


Massachusetts Liberal charges Brown with hypocrisy.

In contrast, Blue Massachusetts applauds Brown’s decision.

The Red Mass Group’s reaction is varied.

Daniel Foster at The Corner writes:

“Frankly, I’m surprised more Republicans didn’t get on board — especially considering what a jittery week it has been on the electoral front (PA-12, libertarian objections to the Civil Rights Act and whatnot). Besides, the bill isn’t terrible. Sure, the resolution authority leaves fudge room for bailouts (though less so thanks to a GOP amendment); and the Consumer Financial Protection Agency is likely to be a regulatory nightmare and a yoke on economic recovery. But to the extent that anyone is really paying attention, the Democrats more or less won the spin war, managing to turn in a “tough on Wall Street” piece of legislation with the Goldman Sachs Seal of Approval.”