The Washington Times - May 29, 2010, 07:06AM

By Jordan Bloom

President Obama extended the 30-day moratorium on offshore drilling to six months, shutting down plans to drill two test wells in Alaska and prompting a response from Florida bloggers.


Rick’s Blog reports that despite assurances to the contrary, the flow of oil from the ocean floor has not yet been stanched.  “Operation Top Kill could take 24-48 more hours before we know if it has worked.”

Eye on Miami criticized Miami-Dade County Commissioner Joe Martinez for voting against a resolution supporting the moratorium. Martinez also asked that Miami be seriously considered for a large portion of BP’s $25 million tourism grant.

The St Petersburg Times reports Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum criticized the Obama administration’s handling of the disaster, saying “the federal government is not doing everything it can to prevent further damage from the Deepwater Horizon spill.