The Washington Times - November 1, 2010, 01:25PM

A gathering of evangelical Hispanics gathered in Las Vegas last Monday and Tuesday for the A Viva Vegas Tonite at the Henderson pavilion.

A Viva Vegas was promoted as solely a Christian gathering and revival with musical performances coming primarily from Latino acts. According to an eyewitness, about 1000 people may have been in attendance on Tuesday night when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, addressed the crowd. 


Mr. Reid speaking at the Christian gathering, attacked his Senate race opponent, Republican Sharron Angle, and then went on politicking for votes by offering up amnesty legislation, noticed one eyewitness I met in Las Vegas this week. Immediately following the event, the individual wrote the following:

 ”[They] were treating Reid like a hero – not himself. Reid bitterly visciously trashed Sharron[Angle], said or inferred she was evil, lots of immigration talk, he pressed the crowd hard to vote early. Reid said he and his wife and family were/are immigrants (his wife Landa’s parents immigrated from Russia) – She was there at the end of the stage with her father waving to all). Emphasis on this election is CRITICAL. The future will be determined NOW. The most important issue in whole election ‘is immigrants taking America back for immigrants.’”

“Then he told the (not  read – no Bible) parable of the mustard seed comparing the mustard seed to voting, that each person with just one little vote, if they vote is like a teensy seed that becomes a giant mustard tree with lush homes for birds, birds are like all God’s children and all God’s children need to vote in the next three days because of ‘our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.’”

The Harry Reid Campaign also handed out flyers with bullet points in spanish attacking Sharron Angle. Interestingly, Mr. Reid, apparently told this crowd they only had three days to get out and vote for him. However, the event took place on October 26, and election day is not until November 2. Senator Reid was more than likely telling the audience to organize and vote during the early voting period that ended on Friday October 29.

“He was making it a point that you have 3 days left to go and cast your ballot. He was pretending as if election day doesn’t happen. He was saying, ‘go vote now’ because the SEIU vans can go and carry you to whatever polling place we want to carry you to,’” said local Las Vegas radio show co-host Elicia Huffaker.  

“During early voting there is no precaution as to people voting twice. All the voter fraud that can happen, it happens during early voting. On election day, you have to vote at your precinct voter place. Early voting, you can vote anywhere. And when you go to vote, I know this because I was just recently trained to be a poll watcher, and anyone can vote,” she said.

Senator Reid is promising pro-amnesty legislation, known as the DREAM Act, in the lame duck session. The bill failed to pass the Senate prior the recess, and given Senator Reid’s tough re-election this year, it’s not difficult to speculate he wanted it solely as a wedge issue for his own flailing campaign.