The Washington Times - October 11, 2010, 04:50PM

*Updated 10/12/10 

Ed Patru, Communications Director for the Linda McMahon for Senate campaign in Connecticut, brings the McMahon campaign an impressive heavy-weight media resume. 

The Connecticut Mirror ran a feature Monday describing Patru as the clout behind Ms. McMahon’s campaign against Democratic candidate Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. The Mirror’s Mark Pazniokas paints a picture of Patru as a formidable player for McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, as she makes her first bid for the seat being vacated by Democratic Senator Chris Dodd.

The PR powerhouse certainly has credentials. The Mirror reports that Ms. McMahon handpicked Patru in September of 2009 before announcing her candidacy. Patru’s company Amplifico, launched in 2009, worked with the Washington D.C. based Keelen group and before that with John McCain’s campaign in 2000.


Working with Patru appears to be paying off. Ms. McMahon held her own on “This Week with Christiane Amanpour” last Sunday on the issue of women and their role in the WWE. When asked about the possibility of the WWE’s “divas” demeaning themselves for the group’s programming, Ms. McMahon had this counter:

“…WWE women really are powerful women,” she said. “…the programming content, as I’ve said, has changed from TV-14 to TV-PG.  I much prefer it today.”

In past debates with Mr. Blumenthal, Ms. McMahon also displayed her ease in the media spotlight when faced with questions about jobs, tax cuts, and WWE business practices.