The Washington Times - October 14, 2010, 12:31PM

Democrats are having a rough year as it is, and a revealing court document about Representative Charlie Wilson, Ohio Democrat, un-earthed by Big Government’s Mike Flynn, will not help matters any for the Democratic Party maintaining their majority in November. Before coming to Capitol Hill in 2006, Mr. Wilson, was a member of the Ohio state legislature. His wife Clara filed for divorce After 27 years of marriage. According to court documents, Ms. Wilson charged that the grounds for the divorce were based on “extreme cruelty.”

Mr. Flynn at Big Government writes further: 


Big Government has obtained a trial brief filed by Mrs. Clara Wilson prior to the formal divorce proceedings. The brief was filed November 9th, 1990. The brief is part of the public record and was obtained at Belmont County Court House in Ohio.  (Other documents related to the divorce are sealed.) The brief, which is posted below, is shocking and details very serious allegations of spousal abuse. It states that the grounds of divorce are “extreme cruelty.”

Click here to read through the court papers.

Bridgett Mahoney, a former Youngstown, Ohio news anchor, is now a leader in a number of domestic abuse organizations in her state: Citizens Against Domestic ViolenceOhio Domestic Violence Network, and Liz Claiborne Love is Not Abuse. In an e-mail, she wrote: 

“It is never a good idea to sweep domestic violence under the rug… in the 90’s that is what was occurring. * Breaking the silence has become key in breaking the cycle. The reality is domestic violence has no boundaries, it affects people from all different backgrounds- all socio-economic levels, all races,all ethnic groups, all religions, and it crosses into both political parties…it doesn’t care whether you are Democrat or Republican.”

Ms. Mahoney, a survivor of domestic violence herself also sympathizes with Congressman Wilson’s ex-wife, commenting:

“I know, I was a victim in the 90’s as well, and ironically in one of the cities that Rep. Wilson represents.  I was a television news anchor in Youngstown, Ohio.  I understand Mrs. Wilson’s desire to not speak about it then…no one did.”

In 2006, former New York Republican Congressman John Sweeney was accused of verbally and physically abusing his then-wife Gayle Sweeney. Mr. Sweeney disputed the accusations, and his first wife, Betty, defended him. However, the unforgiving press from Albany to New York City to Washington was hardly helpful in an already bad election year for the GOP. Mr. Sweeney lost his seat to Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand, who was later appointed to Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat.

Given the media spotlight Mr. Sweeney received as a result of the circumstances between him and his now ex-wife, one must wonder why those same outlets are not covering Mr. Wilson’s now ex-wife’s charges regarding his spousal abuse as heavily.