The Washington Times - October 16, 2010, 11:44AM

Delaware Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons received a visit from both President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in Wilmington at The Grand Opera House on Friday afternoon. Attendees paid $100 to $1000 per ticket to go to the fundraising event. Other Coons supporters stood outside waving signs.

Given the excitement Mr. Obama during the 2008 campaign, aside from attendees inside the opera house, it was interesting to see as many supporters for Mr. Coons GOP challenger, Christine O’Donnell, waving signs outside The Grand Opera House as there were Coons supporters with signs.


However, even with the 1000 individuals Mr. Coons says came to his fundraiser, the amount of total supporters that Mr. Obama attracted to Wilmington on Friday was noticeably smaller than his February 2008 campaign rally in Wilmington, which drew reportedly thousands.

Some have wondered about the necessity regarding Mr. Obama’s and Mr. Biden’s visit given Democrats’ confidence in double digit poll numbers showing Mr. Coons ahead.

Supporters of the Coons campaign, including the Governor of Delaware, Democrat Jack Markell, brushed off any suppositions that the visit was an unusual one, when I noted to him that other Democrats are struggling more in their campaigns in other states.

He believed the visit from Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden would give “an energy boost” for Democrats in Delaware.

“It [the visit from the president] really puts a spotlight on the choice around the country between fringe candidates who have moved very far to the right versus solid Democrats who have a track record of working with the private sector to create jobs,” Mr. Markell added.

Democrats may not want to take anything for granted as they mistakenly have in recent past elections when the Party figured their nominee would easily win. A new poll from Rasmussen yesterday shows the lead Mr. Coons had over Ms. O’Donnell has been drastically reduced to 11 points.

When I asked Mr. Coons if he was concerned about the new momentum his GOP challenger appears to have picked up since their recent debate, he gave a typical politician’s answer for such a question: “The only poll that matters is the poll that will be taken on November 2nd.”