The Washington Times - October 16, 2010, 02:32PM

Long time New York Democrat Congressman Maurice Hinchey embarrassed himself at a debate against his Republican opponent, George Phillips, when asked about deficit reductions and the estate tax. Later, Mr. Hinchey allegedly assaulted a YNN reporter.


At the debate on Friday, when asked about what his deficit reduction priorities were, Rep. Hinchey answered, “I’m not sure what you mean by that. What deficit? My personal deficit reduction? My deficit…personally?”

The moderator responded, “It’s part of your job.” Clearly confused, Mr. Hinchey went on to question the moderator, “Deficit reduction? The deficit of the federal government?” 

Mr. Hinchey finally came up with a response, and it was an answer about a whole lot of nothing avoiding the original question. If anything, it was thumb in the face to the moderator for even asking about deficit reduction in the first place.

Mr. Hinchey went on to defend the lavish tax and spend policy of the failed stimulus package that only increased the budget deficit.

Using the old “bridges and roads” example for his excuse of spending federal tax dollars on public union employees’ high pensions and high salaries, he defended spending tax payer money for “internal needs.” He elaborated:

“This country has had a deficit in all of its legislation passing out spending for well…well over a hundred years—every year, and then it comes back and the thing is adjusted. The economy is rough, you have a deficit. You strengthen the economy, you bring it back, the deficit is reduced and eliminated. All of those things happen. This whole process is fluxuational and it came be done very well.”

“We know that the most important way to spend money, our money, your money, the money that you send to the federal government in federal taxes, the most effective way to spend that is internally—here in our own country, in the internal needs. Look at the situation with the roads and bridges, for example, across this country—how bad they are. And with the result of the stimulus bill, we were able to change this.”

“I don’t know if you have taken a ride along Route 28 recently, but if you take a ride along Route 28, all through Ulster County, it’s a very long road, you will see how much that has improved as a result of this stimulus bill and so many other things are being done positively and upgrading the economy by creating jobs, generating economic growth—putting money into new ideas and new industries, generating the economy.”

“As I said, the national economy is 7.9, 9.6 percent. We have 7.6 percent. We’re doing a lot of things to do here and stimulate this economy. That’s what needs to be done.That’s how this deficit situation can be dealt with. Not how it was dealt with before. Unfortunately, some people waited until wars to get it done. We need to do it internally and with internal needs here.”

Mr. Hinchey’s Republican challenger, Mr. Phillips knows very well how to reduce the deficit. His response to the liberal New York Congressman is concise, articulate, and answers the question the moderator asked.

Mr. Hinchey has been representing New York’s 22nd Dictrict for far too long, and his constituents need a new congressman. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air rightfully points out:

Small wonder Hinchey gave such a high-handed initial response, because once he gets going on his answer, it’s clear that he has no idea what he’s talking about.  We have not had deficit spending every year for the past 100 years, an absurd statement that conflicted with his patron Bill Clinton’s argument on Hinchey’s behalf this week, when Clinton took credit for budget surpluses in the 1990s. 

Is it no wonder that Mr. Hinchey is in trouble with his re-election polls this year? He further stepped in it during the debate when he could barely define or defend the estate tax (A.K.A - the “death tax”). If we give Mr. Hinchey the benefit of the doubt, maybe he did not want to explain to his constituents that passing away this year as opposed to next year,when the federal estate tax returns, would enable an individual in his district to leave more to his or her surviving family members. 

In the meantime, Mr. Hinchey apparently took his anger (see video below) out on a local reporter and appears to be playing down the alleged physical assault that was not caught on camera but eye-witnessed by others. YNN, is saying the Congressman’s campaign is lying about their explanation of Mr. Hinchey’s actions. Read more here. (h/t Hot Air).