The Washington Times - October 22, 2010, 03:19PM


Alaska write-in Senate candidate Lisa Murkowski’s role in the wasteful “Bridge to Nowhere” fiasco is water under the bridge for one Alaska business. Ms. Murkowski is running against Democrat Scott McAdams and Republican Joe Miller.

The Washington Times obtained campaign contribution records Wednesday which show that The Bridge Builders of Anchorage donated to Ms. Murkowski’s campaign.  The company’s director, Mary Margaret Stein, put $250 in Ms. Murkowski’s coffers on September 29.

The donation hardly makes a dent in the $398 million price tag Ms. Murkowski and her pork barrel pal, the recently passed Alaska Republican Senator Ted Stevens, who earmarked for Alaska’s Gravina Island “Bridge to Nowhere” in 2005. The project remains untouched, a gap still present between Gravina and Murkowski’s hometown of Ketchikan, Alabama.

The “Bridge to Nowhere” gained infamy during the 2008 presidential campaign as a symbol of wanton federal spending on earmarked projects. This exercise in the superfluous is not lost on Ms. Murkowski – the “Republican in name only” is currently hurting Mr. Miller by needlessly pursuing a seat Republicans already voted away from her.