The Washington Times - October 25, 2010, 05:31PM

It looks like New Jersey Republicans are not playing around and want some kind of justice in the three-way third district congressional race. According to a media advisory released on Monday:

The New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Jay Webber requested that United States Attorney Paul Fishman and New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow investigate whether any crimes have been committed in connection with Peter DeStefano’s candidacy for the United States House of Representatives in New Jersey’s Third Congressional District.

The request comes after the New Jersey Republican State Committee filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission following a series of Courier-Post stories that have linked Congressman John Adler’s campaign and operatives of the Camden County Democratic Committee (CCDC) to a plot intended to plant DeStefano as a shill candidate in the 3rd Congressional District race. 

“The law is simple: you cannot pay someone or promise them employment to become a candidate,” said Chairman Webber. “The facts as reported by the Courier Post and the Asbury Park Press warrant an investigation to determine whether Peter DeStefano was compensated or promised some form of future employment in exchange for his candidacy.”


This is indeed a race to watch, as the latest Zogby poll has Republican challenger Jon Runyan up three points over the first term incumbent Democratic Rep. John Adler.

Read the NJ GOP letter request for an investigation.