The Washington Times - October 31, 2010, 02:49AM

With only three days to turn out her supporters on Tuesday, Nevada Republican senatorial candidate Sharron Angle, celebrated “Nevada Day” at a local parade in Carson City on Saturday afternoon. Walking in high heels, Ms. Angle marched the parade route twice.

Her opponent, the incumbent, Senate majority leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, was also present, but according to Angle campaign spokesman Jerry Stacey, Senator Reid’s reception from the crowd was not necessarily a warm one.


“I heard that Harry Reid showed up, and then he left. He didn’t even stay to ride his own float,” Mr. Stacey told me on Saturday. 

In the meantime, a local volunteer drives a truck around Las Vegas and other parts of the state towing a massive buffalo with a sign readiing: “Don’t be “buffaloed” by Harry…Vote for Sharron Angle”

Like other campaigns, the Angle camp must simultaneously work on Get Out The Vote strategies while keeping a close watch on possible voter fraud reports coming into their offices,

A complaint was filed by Babette Rutherford with Nevada’s Secretary of State describing intimidation tactics toward union workers by union organizers during early and absentee voting.

Polling machines serviced by SEIU technicians, are reported to be malfunctioning and automatically casting votes for Senator Reid regardless of an individual’s intent otherwise.

The Angle campaign sent a letter to the Secretary of State almost one week ago citing polling machine and ballot protection concerns.

“These are all quite troubling and we have asked the Secretary of State for justification, explanation and resolution of these issues and questions which appear to be ongoing. We are further concerned that there are widely varying approaches from county to county, something that is not permissible under the law,” wrote Ciera Turns Deputy Communications Director for the Angle Campaign.

Mr. Stacey has confidence that careful poll watching on Tuesday and Ms. Angle’s endearment toward Nevada voters who are frustrated with the state’s economic circumstance will push the former Nevada state legislator over the finish line. 

“The poll watchers are watching for any shenanigans at the polls to make sure that things are just honest,” he said. “I’m seeing a lot of people in the state of Nevada who are disgruntled. Two years ago they were going to give hope and change, and hope has become hopelessness and change became something that jingles in your pocket now.”