The Washington Times - October 8, 2010, 10:20AM

A Las Vegas Valley dairy company found out Thursday supporting Nevada Democrat Harry Reid’s Senate bid can prove costly.

Business relations between Anderson Dairy and Speedee Mart curdled after Anderson Vice President Dave Coon narrated a Sept. 9 video praising Sen. Reid for legislating away federal dairy regulations for Clark County dairy companies.

The Las Vegas Sun reported Thursday that Speedee Mart, a company which typically supports conservative candidates such as Sen. Reid’s opponent Sharron Angle, is booting Anderson products from its 21 Las Vegas Valley stores and replacing them with Meadow Gold items instead.

Campaign finance disclosure forms cited by the Sun show that Speedee owners Walter and Sherolyn Emery contributed $500 to Ms. Angle’s Tea Party Express’ political action committee and $1,000 to the National Republican Trust political action committee. Speaking on the switch, Mr. Coon suggested the ideology of Speedee’s management had soured their partnership with Anderson.

“The general observation among people involved in this situation is that it (the product switch) was politically motivated,” Mr. Coon said.

Speedee Mart Operations Manager Ray Johnson was quick to point out Coon may milk the controversy for all it’s worth. He said the change was made for economic reasons rather than petty politics.

“We switch vendors all the time,” Mr. Johnson said. “We’re going to make more money.”

Johnson said a gallon of Meadow Gold milk will save Speedee 40 cents while a pint will cost 30 cents more as it comes in a plastic bottle rather than a container. Given market research shows bottles outsell cartons at a higher price, Johnson said that Speedee is excited for fresh business dealings with Meadow Gold.

The Anderson ad, ironically titled “Staying in Business,” is here:


Elsewhere in Nevada’s dairyland, Ponderosa Dairy claims in a Sept. 20 video that praise for Sen. Reid’s dairy dealings stink worse than rotten cheese.