The Washington Times - September 14, 2010, 05:14PM

This is hardly a surprising study coming from a Michigan State University researcher. The findings say that women are more likely to believe the “scientific consensus” on global warming. According to the press release:

Instead, he said the gender divide likely is explained by “gender socialization.” According to this theory, boys in the United States learn that masculinity emphasizes detachment, control and mastery. A feminine identity, on the other hand, stresses attachment, empathy and care – traits that may make it easier to feel concern about the potential dire consequences of global warming, McCright said.

“Women and men think about climate change differently,” he said. “And when scientists or policymakers are communicating about climate change with the general public, they should consider this rather than treating the public as one big monolithic audience.”


How is this a winner for those who were pushing cap and trade legislation, though? Does this make global warming part of of the cadre of “women’s issues” liberals push in the future? Conservatives have been highly successful in framing the cap and trade issue as another massive tax coming from Democrats in Washington. If females are so accepting of man-made global warming, watch for the Democrats and their allies marketing campaigns begin to shift heavy on emotion and empathy to gain steam back to their side of the aisle. 

However, The Democrats will have to wait for now. Congressman Henry Waxman, California Democrat, and current Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman may be promising climate legislation in 2011, but he may not have that opportunity if this November does not go the way Democrats hope.