The Washington Times - September 16, 2010, 10:38AM

Updated 10:45 PM 9/16/10

It didn’t take long for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee roll out an ad hitting Wisconsin Republican Congressional candidate Sean Duffy, a 1997-98 cast member of MTV’s “Real World Boston.” The ad shows Mr. Duffy having his face powdered by a make-up artist while a narrator says he is “living it large”  with Hollywood and Washington D.C. friends. 


As a former production assistant who worked at in the early 2000’s, I was in charge of the “Real World” website, and I watched a number of RW alum go in various directions. Mr. Duffy married  Real World cast member from the 1994 San Francisco season Rachel Campos after meeting her on a spin-off of the RW series known as “Real World-Road Rules.”

Cast members from the shows, produced by Bunim-Murray and broadcast by MTV, became professionals like: a comic book writer, a doctor, an MTV VJ, a conservative political activist, and now a Republican Congressional candidate for office. 

Is the DCCC serious with this ad? Mr. Duffy may have had an interesting stint on this reality show thirteen years ago, when reality shows were not as annoying as they are today, but it is painfully obvious the Democrats don’t like talking about their millions of dollars from Hollywood.

Instead, they must try and scare Wisconsin seniors about a young guy who did an MTV reality show in the 1990’s. It’s tantamount to saying: “He’s young, he’s scary, he was on MTV. Therefore, he’ll steal your social security!” Democrats should be more concerned that seniors are fearful that the new healthcare law will cut away Medicare benefits. That is likely the first thing on their minds right now not an MTV reality show from the 1990’s.