The Washington Times - September 19, 2010, 06:30PM



The Chicago Sun Times interviewed hometown CNBC correspondent Rick Santelli, whose five minute rant about government bailouts and suggesting a “tea party” happen over at Lake Michigan a year and a half ago set off the Tea Party movement everyone knows today. In the piece, written by Abdon Pallasch, Mr. Santelli talks about how his life has changed some since his famous rant on CNBC, and while he does not get involved with Tea Party events or candidates, he did admit he and his family have attended a few rallies incognito:

Santelli lives with his wife and the two youngest of his three daughters in west suburban Wheaton. Yes, he confessed, he and his wife, Terri, have donned sunglasses and baseball caps to surreptitiously participate in Tea Party rallies near their home, not talking to anyone, not claiming any credit, just admiring democracy at work.

He has refused entreaties to run for office or endorse other candidates. He will not attend this weekend’s Right Nation event.  

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